Moments to be treasured…

Moments to be treasured…

Saina was super excited.  She was sitting in the sophisticated Audi two-seater. She rolled her eyes to watch her sweet heart Althaf, Who was seemed to be riveted on driving. She made a face and said to herself

“How can he be so preoccupied with driving while his love sitting right beside?”

Althaf turned his head right and made a glance at Saina, this time it was Saina who was transfixing her eyes on the misty hills seen afar. Her hairs are swaying in the cool breeze and kept on brushing her cheeks. She distractedly shoves those straying strands of hair behind her ears. Her fair skin is gleaming in the early sunlight.  Saina’s mannerism was as if she was in a reverie.

Althaf gave his branded lopsided smile at the cuteness of Saina. It was a feast to his eyes. His eyes never could get weary by simply glancing at Saina for a whole day.

They are heading to their college where their love was blossomed, where they exchanged their hearts, where they relished the sweetness of their first love. Those were the kind of days to be treasured. Now they want those days back at least for an evening. They just want to relive those priceless moments again.

It was Althaf’s decision to get to college again. Saina could do nothing except say yes to his decision. She loved it too…

“Saina it will take almost three hours to reach there.”  Althaf broke the silence.

Saina made a “you-broke-my-dream” kind of look at Althaf.

“Okay please don’t ask me to drive Althaf you know am a horrible driver” Saina said.

That brought back that branded smile back on Althaf’s lips again.


Later, in the afternoon…   Saina and Althaf in a Motel


Saina was nibbling the food in her plate. She is unmindful.  She couldn’t figure out what this journey is all about but as long as she knows Althaf; he is a sort of guy giving her full of surprises. She was awaiting that special surprise at the end of that blissful journey.

Saina switched off her cell phone because she doesn’t want anybody to get indulged in this beautiful day with Althaf.

“Why are you so thoughtful Saina?”  Althaf asked

“Aye nothing I was just…”  Saina stopped in mid sentence

Althaf smiled this time it is a forced one. Probably he sensed something awkward is shaping in between them.

Saina averted her eyes off Althaf and glared at the table next to them.

A mom who was feeding her little child making her sits on her lap. Each time she brought spoonful of rice to her mouth child shoved it way spilling the rice on the floor. Mom frowned every time she did so but the cute naughty smile on that beautiful face made her anger waned.

Saina was enjoying that sight. She also wanted Althaf to take a look on that beautiful child. She turned to him to find that Althaf was watching her for a long time. Their eyes met Saina felt a thousands of butterflies fluttering in her stomach. She was so unsettled with the sharp and magnetic glow in his eyes.

She thought to herself

“Is this same Althaf whom I loved beyond everything?

Whom I cared like a mom

 With whom I attached myself like an alter ego

 To whom I leaned my head when I was down

Whom I was missing like anything for few years…

I missed you Althaf … She voiced her thought.

She expunged tears out her eyes.

Althaf could do nothing. He held her hands and kissed her palm and said…

“I missed you too Saina… Some voids in our life can never be filled…they simply remain as such till the end…”


In the evening… In their college

Evening sun rays pierced through the foliage of trees flanked on either side of the college avenue. They strolled down that road to the main entrance. They felt like their past sweet moments playing hide and seek around them.

Love is such an awesome feeling. It changes its colors like season. Sometimes cool like winter sometimes hot like summer sometimes elegant like spring.


He holds her hand. They are walking through the corridor. They kept silent. In that day silence dominated in between them rather than words. They could hear the rustling of fallen leaves in the evening breeze.

Althaf voice broke the silence

“What about Rihan? Does he know you are with me?”

Saina was bit upset with his question. She was not looking forward for query like that. It felt odd at that moment. She never wanted her husband Rihan being dragged in this priceless evening. She hated it.

Saina answered

“He doesn’t”

Althaf sensed her restlessness in her eyes when he brought Rihan in between them.

“Okay I just asked that is all”

Saina nodded with a hollow smile on her lips

Althaf continued

“It has been two years since you guys got married right?

Saina kept nodding

“Hmmm …children?

Saina made a check on her walk and turned to Althaf. He didn’t stop; he had already taken few more steps ahead. Suddenly he also stopped and turned around to look at Saina and shrugged.

Saina inched towards him and said

“It was a kind of marriage that no girls would ever dream of Althaf. I am fed up. Rihan loves his job more than anything else. Whenever I asked him about being a mom and raising a baby; he always switched the topic by saying “It was not the right time to add one more person in between”

I still couldn’t fathom why the hell he didn’t understand that his career wouldn’t be affected by being a father.

He didn’t understand me Althaf, even he didn’t try to.

You I know I just wanted to be cared and listened. It would be more than enough for me. Sometimes I had even envied his gadgets coz he loved them more than me. “

Althaf stood there motionless and helpless. He couldn’t even console her.

Saina composed herself

And they walked to their favorite place in the college… The old church Where Althaf revealed his love to Saina where they cuddled the warmth of togetherness with only one witness; Jesus.

Saina and Althaf moved ahead through the aisle of church benches. She could sense his surprise nearing her.

She asked

“Althaf …can I ask you something?”

Sure” Althaf said with a curious smile

“Why are you being single” Is it because of me” Saina said it weighing each word. She knew it was an awkward question.

Althaf grinned wider and said

“No Saina it was not because of you. It was because I couldn’t find another Saina in any other woman in this world”

Saina didn’t know how to respond to it   …whether to smile or to be silent. She did choose the latter.

They prayed silently for minutes.


Saina voiced her curiosity

“Althaf…  Why this day? Why here again…  I know you are up for something.

Althaf turned to her holding her shoulder with his hands Jesus could be seen in between them.

“Saina you have to listen carefully what I am gonna say and don’t freak out”

She nodded. Her resplendent face began to wither. She knew something went amiss.

Althaf continued

“Why we are here coz I just want these moments to be treasured to my next birth”

Saina could make no sense out of his answer

Means?  She was quizzical

“I have some more days left with Saina. I have some fatal growth in my vein close to heart. It is fatal. I am told to undergo a surgery and doctors say that there is only 30% of chance of survival and I am all set to get to London tomorrow for the surgery “

Saina couldn’t believe her ears. She repeated the same line…

“You got to be kidding me Althaf … you got be kidding…”

With that she collapsed on the church bench and burst into tears. Althaf sat beside her held her tightly to his heart.

She whispered

“Oh gods save him please…   save him!


PS: to err is human to forgive is divine :)


It was me who called you!!

It was me who called you!!

He was totally at sea….she was leaving office…he followed her till lift…Both got in…He was totally restless n nervous…she was with the same melancholic face…Awkward silence prevailed till the elevator reached ground floor…she walked briskly without even bothering to make a glance at him…he followed and finally called out. Devi…?

She made an abrupt check to her brisk walk….and turned around to see him…He neared her with a nervous filled blushing face…

Yes? She said with quizzical face.

Actually I am here to tell u something…

Yea okay…tell me…

Actually…I…I was…Vijay stammered…

Then he mustered all his courage and told her…

”it was me who called u last day to know whether you are committed or not…”

….Vijay couldn’t meet her eyes while saying this…he averted his glance at the open theater nearby…

Then he slowly rolled his eyes to check Devi’s reaction…

She was awe struck and totally shocked…. Her face lacked expressions… Her eyes transfixed at his face… she felt her mouth dried….millions of words were on her tongue tip trying hard to escape out, but in vain…. She felt numb and stood in front him like a wax statue…

Vijay got chill on his spine by the sudden reaction of Devi…He continued…

Don’t feel bad Devi…I had to…bcoz I have been stalking you since I saw u first time in your cubicle….I was madly in love with you Devi… I used to wait for you to pass by my cubicle every morning….I used to throw sneaky glances at u….it all made my day….I missed u very badly when u leave for home in the evening….I was so intrigued by the mysterious expressions u carried…I was fascinated by the long hairs …those were neatly clipped.

I was so scared of the fact that what if u committed….finally my fears turned into reality when u said u are going to be someone’s else…I couldn’t bear the pain of seeing u  being possessed by some1els…so I am leaving this city tonight…this is my last day here…I got an offer front USA…I kept it pending…becoz I had to know whether to wait or leave someone whom I never possessed…now I got the answer…and I made up my mind to leave…but before biding bye…I had to reveal everything to you Devi….that made us stand here in front of this open theater in  twilight…

…with  that he plucked a red rose…From the bouquet he got from his friends as farewell present…and held it to Devi and said…This is for my love whom I never owned…I miss u Devi… She grabbed it with her trembling hands…He turned around wiping tears off from his cheek and strolled down the road leaving his love behind…

Devi stared at him leaving from her life forever… She was helpless…When he was out of sight…She burst out into tears… she knelt on the lawn And cried like a small child… she toddled to the seats of open theater and sat there cuddling that red rose tightly to her bosom…

Her heart whispered to her mind…Devi u lost your first love…You simply looked at him walking away from your life….Why didn’t u say that u loved him deeply…

A cool breeze caressed her face…She murmured some words with hope that this breeze would carry those words to Vijay’s ears…

” Vijay….I didn’t know it was u called that day…I thought it was a stranger…. In that call I told u that I committed becoz here I was in deeply love with u dear and you didn’t realize it….I was closely enjoying all your acts for getting my attention… Actually I ‘was committed to u my dear…!

Both the characters in the above story is purely fictitious !!