Being insane!

Shobha was staring at the man vehemently. She felt like minute ice cubes streaming down through her spine. She has been seeking him for the last few months. As she saw him, she was brimmed with anger and vengeance. She curled her fist tightly and pressed against the cement bench of the old bus waiting shelter. Her eyes were kind of scintillating. She felt like running up to him and stabbing right at his torso. But, what if crowd resists, what if he escapes unscathed… thoughts thwarted her impulsiveness. She sat there making efforts to compose herself.

He made her dreams crushed into pieces. He made her like a fish out of water, gasping and quivering.

Some awkward moments passed. He was still there… seems like waiting for someone. He was leaning against his bike, chewing pan. He rubbed his palm every time when his mouth was overflowed. He was six feet having well built muscular body and dark in complexion. He has got a daunting appearance. He was intermittently checking his watch.

Shobha found herself transfixing her eyes on him and everything around her seemed blurred. She clutched her bag tightly. Her hairs were unkempt, seemed she was off shower for few weeks. Her clothes were worn out. Her dried and tanned skin made her oblivious to the fact that she is a teenager. Her mind was like a frozen flower. Sweat beads rolled down her cheek. Her face carried no expressions… was stoic of sorts. White bandage wound around her head was muddy.

A bus arrived, that man stood up and sifted through the crowd that just disembarked from the bus. After some time he wriggled out of the crowd pulling a young petite girl. She was hesitant to go with him but her face displayed her helplessness. She was succumbing to his compulsion. He dragged her to his bike made her sit behind and stormed off.

Shobha was totally taken aback by this row. She was overwhelmed with the collage of emotions.

She blamed herself for being inert. She had simply watched an innocent life being slipped into dungeon. Tender face of that helpless girl persisted inside Shobha’s mind. She was all messed up by her anger and distraught. She felt listless and restless. She could have saved her. She felt guilt.

That girl’s innocent face let Shobha’s dreadful memory to rear its ugly head again. She found herself in that young girl.


Few months back…

“What you are up to? I am so scared Shobha, Physics is kind of difficult for me” Rima panicked.

“Don’t worry Rima; tomorrow’s exam will be a cake walk for you. Please come over home at night I will teach you important points”

Shobha was confident as she was the brightest student of her class.

Shobha and Rima were childhood friends. They were on the way back from school.

“Bye Rima”

“See you “

Shobha made her way home. She put her satchel on table, went inside kitchen. Since her mom passed away, she had been doing all the household chores.

Suddenly she felt a strong hand around her neck, and other hand cupped her mouth. She couldn’t figure out what was happening. She tried her best to shove him away and yell out.

She trembled to loosen herself from his strangulation, but in vain. She was craving to take breath. During the hassles, He hit her head on the wall making a blood splatter on the worn out kitchen wall.

Shobha felt dizzy, she fell down on the floor.

She opened her eyes to see his face; she choked as she saw that monstrous humane figure.

She was too feeble to resist. She was losing her senses, blood oozing out of her head.

She felt her dresses being torn off; she couldn’t stand the excruciating pain… nails pierced through her tender skin… She was wincing with gut wrenching pain. Stench of alcohol and pan made her queasy… She felt like puking… within seconds she passed out.

Shobha survived after fighting hard for weeks against death. When death is on opponent side, it requires some courage to battle. But her life turned into a bizarre phase… everything seemed colorless for her… depression started to take its toll on her… she was scared of men…  She found herself locked inside the dreary room of rehab all the time… her face lacked expressions… she became prone to suicide…  but the mere thought of that cruel face hindered her from finishing her life by herself… She decided to live; she gotta live just to end his life…!!


Back to present…

Shobha was still sitting there. That man is back. Shobha didn’t seem surprised. She looked for that young girl whom he carried away hours before, but she was not with him.

She thought to herself

“He might have killed her or eaten her bare flesh… like he did to me”

Her frowning face snowballed into a furious weird expression… anger was beyond control.

The mere thought of her plight repeating with another innocent girl made her insane. She couldn’t curb the urge to do something… without a second thought she strolled towards him… she was adamant!!

She stood in front of him: face to face!

That black man was totally taken aback by her sudden appearance… a sense of fear is apparent in his eyes… He whispered

“Shobha how…”

Before completing his line… a bullet pierced through his chest.

He shockingly stared at Shobha who stood pointing rifle at him… without trembling her hands… her face was stony…

She pulled trigger again…   bullet stormed off to his manhood…   he knelt before her, half dead… third bullet made a deep hole on his forehead… finished!!

The giant body fell on ground with a thudding sound…

Everyone on the street shockingly stared at Shobha who stood like an effigy, but nobody was daring to approach her…

She looked around and screamed…

Yes, I made myself an orphan…  I killed my FATHER! 

She smiled; a weird one! with tears rolling down her cheeks!!

PS: to err is human to forgive is divine :)


Hotel white sand…

Sky turned crimson… birds club together to be a flock and racing towards their nest, calling it a day.

Waves kept spanking the sea shore, Arjun still there on the beach, jeans rolled up to knees, glancing at the horizon where sun making love with the steamy sea. His eyes are all moist; a tear drop expunged by his eyelash dived into the frothing salty water making a disparate effort to stretch the sea. He couldn’t sense the sands being washed away under his feet. His face was all cloudy and desperate.

Just right side of his feet “Naina” written on the sand is being wiped off by a weak wave.

Beach is getting deserted. Random foot prints on the moist sand remind the presence of beach lovers in the late afternoon.

He turned around to see the lightened up “Hotel White Sand”. He has been in the city for last five days, still couldn’t find Naina. He misses her a lot. He has to travel back home tonight and have to succumb his parents to tie the knot with any stupid super modern and expensive girl they choose.

The only thing he got know from his old friends was, Naina is in this city, living with her grandma… and she is still single. He scoured and searched the entire city for her but in vain.

Arjun couldn’t get over her though two years did fly by after that incident. He presented his love to his parents soon after he completed his engineering but they scoffed and denied him for not being sensible to choose a girl befitting their financial status. He was forced to move abroad to pursue his MBA. He was so helpless so was Naina. She couldn’t do anything except to accept with the situation.


He dragged himself to “White sand” entered his room 111. He has to leave in 4 hours. He packed all his stuffs. Chocolate box he brought for Naina still lying on the table. He took and toyed with it and relived those chocolate moments of his college life….

“Still you don’t know how to bite a chocolate” Arjun asked bit sarcastic.

“You don’t have to be bothered” Naina said sulkily

“You are left with chocolates all over your cheeks and lips. Just look! You look like a three year old child” Arjun shot more.

“Just shut up Arjun”

Arjun gently moved his face closer to hers, his hands around her neck… Naina stopped licking the chocolate from her lips because Arjun was that closer to her to relish it with his tongue…!

Ringtone of his cell brought him back to the present, it was his mom. He didn’t pick the call up. He badly needed some drink; he took the extension and ordered pecks of Whiskey… He sat there fidgeting, missing Naina…!




Naina was relishing her fourth Snickers of the evening. She was relaxing after her shift. Knock on the door.  Naina opened the door of the dressing room and let Priya come inside.

Wazz up??  Naina asked

“There is an order from room 111 can you take that” Priya asked in a requesting tone.

“No way Priya my shift is over I have to get home soon” Naina said nibbling the chocolate.

“Please Naina… Only this order. I have to meet Rihan… please.”  Priya begged

“Why should I? It is your shift right??”  Naina adamant

“What about having a family pack of chocolate and an ice tea tomorrow” Priya bribed

Really!!  Naina’s eyes popped out

Naina slipped back into her waiter uniform and tucked the badge in her pocket…

“Hotel white sand” was written beautifully on the badge  


After ten minutes Naina found herself making her way to Room 111… with tray in her hand and she forgot to wipe off the leftover of chocolate she just had, from her lips!!

Time did fly by…

Those rainy evenings

We strolled hand in hand

Splashing the puddles

Snubbing the darker clouds

Dancing in the drizzles

It hurts when I think…time did fly by…!


      Those chilly mornings

      We snuggled each other

      Warmer in cuddles

      Slithering over you…

      Enjoying the friction

      It hurts when I think…time did fly by…!


Those blissful moments

We flanked a candle light

Gazing in reticence

Letting our eyes talk

Blushing and averting the glance

 It hurts when I think…time did fly by…!

    I wish those moments could freeze

     And be there forever…!

     Hoping time wouldn’t fly by.

Yes… Love is blind!

Yes… Love is blind!


“Rahul… Don’t laze around; no cricket no internet and no TV… Keep studying board exam is nearing.” Rahul’s mom called out before setting out to attend a wedding function.

It was 8.30am, Saturday morning; Rahul is still sleeping in his boxers and angry bird T shirt…

Alarm itself is got bored with incessant snoozing…  Worn out and used clothes drooping from his half opened wardrobe. He is wrapped himself in a bed sheet. Floor is strewn with chocolates cover and paper bits…  You can see a glimpse of glossy page of new playboy magazine is being sneakily tugged under his bed.  Enrique, MJ and Justin Bieber are on the wall and some English letter stickers haphazardly pasted on the other side they are respectively W … T … F!! . Text books are there in every corner of the room. The room appears like a neatly arranged room being shaken by a terrific earthquake that has surpassed the largest seismic value ever recorded.

Drowsy Rahul dragged himself to bath room and splashed some water on his face, brushing is the last thing he wanted to do. He looked at his hair style in the mirror, he curbed the a sudden urge to ruffle his hairs as it will take much time to get his fingers untangled from his super curly hairs.

Later he found himself in front of his PC. He knew nobody is around. He decided to search something naughty on Google. He sifted through his bookmarked porn sites and pressed enter.

“Web page not found” Screen displayed. It took some minutes for him to understand that his modem is not working.

After deep sigh and loads of expletives he settled down on his rocker. Distraught!

Rahul noticed some movements on neighbors’ terrace.

“Is that a girl? Yupp!!..  Heard new neighbor moved in.” He got up and cleared his view by rubbing his eyes and dragging the window curtain.

It was a gorgeous girl in her track pants and T shirt. She was combing her hair.

His eye popped up!

“She is dead drop gorgeous. I am into you baby” He murmured and dashed off to his terrace.


He was staring at her…

“Those captivating eyes…

Silky hairs swaying lazily

Sweet lips and dimpled cheek”

He tried his best to catch her eyes…

Before getting back inside she passed sweet smile…

He stood there dumbstruck. He was on cloud nine.

“She smiled at me” He screamed.

And this is true love!  : P … Rahul sighed



Rahul; the love smitten boy started to act filmy….

Waiting at bus stop for her to pass!

Listening to 80’s bollywood romantic melodies!

Too confused to differentiate between dream and reality…

Wakeful till four in the morning…

Peep into terrace to catch a glimpse of her…!!

He was kind of suffocated with this new feeling…

Finally on a fine Sunday morning Rahul presented his love… He proposed her!

Rahul was ecstatic when he got a positive response of her… Finally he got her name    Meera!

They exchanged their numbers…added in FB… texts, Skype, Google talk…Technology helped them to build a cool affair.

For Rahul it was kind of different from his early flings…




8.30 In the night…  Rahul was half sleep resting his head on his opened Chemistry notebook. His cell beeped … text from Meera



“Nobody at home

Let’s have fun tonight

Pls come over”

Rahul read the message again and again in disbelief. He rushed off to bath room and had a quick shower… slipped into his newly bought party wears… handful of gel made his curly hair looking wet and yet glowing…had his second bath in deodorant… stood in front of the mirror and checked out himself… after a random turns and twists of his body… He grinned


Then he sneaked out of home. Carrying a rose plucked from his garden, he stormed.

Each tread to Meera’s house gave him adrenaline rush. His fantasies went haywire!! He made mental note of “to do things” and of course “What not to be done” too!

His cell beeped text from Meera

“Once you get into hall

Follow the stair and open the

Pink colored door it s ma bed room…

Then…Surprise!! J


He opened the main door and entered into the hall. The entire house is lit up in a dim light. He turned right and climbed up the stair.

There he is!!  Right in front of the pink door.   He felt his heart beating faster… it was pounding!

He opened the door gently… a light squeak!

He entered the room; it was quite girly… pink colored neatly arranged books, a heap of soft toys, a cozy bed and an air filled sofa…

His eyes stuck on a beautiful portrait of Meera perched on the wall… It was a full sized picture. She was wearing a white gown in it… With minimal make up and ornaments she looked angelic…!

Rahul was awe struck… he relished her beauty moving his eyes from top to bottom of the picture

He noticed something was beautifully written at the bottom of the portrait… he read it


“Meera Nair

Born on 15th November 1991

Died on 6th June 2008”








Writer’s note:

The one who said “Love is blind” is a genius. Sometimes, in love people cannot even figure out whether their mate actually exists or not…! 😛

….Want to be with you!!

….Want to be with you!!

A lazy afternoon,

Jenny slowly opened her eyes… her blurred visions gradually became clear. She felt numbness all over body and pricking pain in her head. It took few seconds for her to fathom she was in hospital bed. She found her wedding attire had been replaced with worn out green hospital robe. Her left hand was completely bandaged.    

She tried to sort out the things just happened that fateful day.  She screamed   Sameer!!

Where is he? What happened to him? She craved to be answered but couldn’t find anyone around except some beeping machines, dripping bottle hung over her. She closed her eyes tightly; both physical and mental anguish squeezed her hard.

She played back the scene registered in her mind.

A sudden collision…

Sameer being thrown up in the air and hit the road with a thudding voice and his blood made branches on asphalt…

Jenny was slid to the other side of the road… Her eyes transfixed on Sameer…  She felt like everything over there being stilled except the wheels of the fallen bike… she tried to yell but no words escaped out of her throat…  Suddenly everything went hazy then to dark…

                                                   After four years of unwavering love they finally decided to sail their journey together though it was against their parent’s wish.  Their dream was on the verge of fulfillment…

But fate meddled in a nasty way….!




That hazy evening….


Jenny is in slumber, still unaware about Sameer…


She felt the gentle stroke of evening breeze swept in through the window ajar. She cowered in the bed…She winced in pain… she felt something different happening all around her… window curtain caressed her face… breeze snowballs into wind, bit stronger ,after each passing seconds..


She slowly opened her eyes… the thought of still being not able to be one with Sameer felt like a pin prick on her heart… She needed him very badly… She craved for his presence… his dimpled smile… cute frowning face…everything…


She felt his presence she groped for his hand… she smelled his body still unable to figure out his presence… She was sure he is somewhere around her playing hide and seek…

Yes Sameer please come… I love you …please…




Jenny heard footsteps making tapping sounds… People in white dress swarmed around her bed… They are desperately trying to stop the speck of life that was oozing out of her body…


Finally the machine showing random spikes dies out to be a straight line…!!



In the adjacent room…


A white cloth is being slid to cover Sameer’s face







PS: to err is human to forgive is divine :)

Sketchy love story!!

cropped-love-132v1.jpgSketchy love story!!


Gazing at the long path ahead

I sat on the wooden park bench

How painful missing you is…!

I feel … you are a part of me…


Just be with me dear…

I promise I cuddle you

I promise I fondle you

I promise I doodle my name on you!


Why you left me behind…

Still my heart is rife with you

Walking down this long path…

I fathom my love story-

Still remains Sketchy!!

…feel me around!

When you wake up..

When you take the first sip of ur coffee..

Jus feel me around…


When u stroll down the lane..

When u pat the blossoming flowers..

Jus feel me around..


When drizzle drops pattering ur umbrella..

When u relish the chill of first rain..

Jus feel me around..


When u feel the warmth of love..

When u miss the moments we had..

Jus feel me around…

Jus becoz am fond of it..