The curtain of death

I opened my eyes, hearing

Jingles of your Anklets

My lips make curve

As I sense your nearness…

Why you still behind that curtain,

Please come out, I yell

I am anxious,

To absorb you with my eyes

To devour you with my heart

Please come out, I yell

My moist eyes want to see you

…my dear, once again!

The curtain of death smiles at me


Concealing my sweetheart behind

Here I am left behind…

…Smearing hope over my hopelessness!



Something holds me back,

When I go away from you

Something pins me down

When I glance at you

Something makes me gloomy

When you snub me

Something cheers me up

When you smile at me…

I want you to tell my dear-

What this “Something” is

If it is love,


I “something” you!

Just another Escapade!

Vijay gently opens his drowsy eyes. He could feel the gush of warm breath on his neck. He adjusts himself to get the sight of Devi’s beatific face .She is sleeping within his arms. Drowsiness gives more beauty to her melancholic face. She is still the same. It seems like years and seasons were too oblivious to make a change in her. Thinks Vijay.

Girls are beautiful when they are sleeping (No hidden intensions!!)

She is magnetic. He couldn’t resist the urge to plant a kiss on her forehead. She snuggles up to him once she felt his lips. Laces of her pink spaghetti still remain untied, exposing her bare shoulder and her long silky hairs do desperate attempt to cover it. Vijay hasn’t yet figured out the fact that how come she always wears a smile laden with tinge of sadness in it. He has asked her zillionth times about it… But her answer is always the same melancholic smile!

Broken hourglass, fallen window curtain, lopsided wall photos, misplaced cushions… implicitly depict what had happened hours before, an escapade in the lap of early dawn!!

He cuddles her tightly against his chest toying with her hairs. She relishes the warmth of that friction. Those are precious moments for them. Vijay feels like the snipped scraps of their past strewn across the ceiling. He glances at them plainly; hurt of loss takes its toll on him. But he gets relieved when he senses her nails make doodles on his back.

Devi awakes…

She smiles sheepishly at him. She rubs her eyes, stretches her hands… being oblivious to the fact that her spaghetti is not tied properly!! His eyes go haywire.

Love is in the air!! And they make it!



“Feel like time sped in reverse direction” 

“So soothing, burden off shoulder”

“I missed you so much”

“Hmm, same here”

Awkward silence prevails.

They flank the dining table, sipping steamy coffee. Water drops dancing and dangling at the end of her hair. Both just had shower, together!!

“I yearned for this moment” Vijay voices

Light smile on her lips. She fiddles with the Novel in her hand.

“You read it”   Asked Devi

“Yup, more than ten times. I watched that movie too.” Vijay answers

“Hmm you remember? You gifted me its paperback on my birthday” Devi said bit lively

Vijay avert his eyes off her face and murmurs

“A walk to remember”

Devi seems so contemplative. She consults her watch and asks

When your wife comes?

“In the evening”   His eyes lack those sparkles seen moments before 

You are the author of my life!!

You are the author of my life!!


I stroll down the calm aisle

I am flanked by wooden shelves,

Pregnant with books…

I squeak open its glass door

To fish out my favorite one!

I riffle through its yellow pages

Ho!  It is my story! He is so me! I yell

I read it, re-read it to spot you

I am disheartened, no you in it

I closed it sadly

Hoo!! I am surprised

You are the author…

I am gleaming with joy

You have been with me through out!!

You are the author of my life!!

To keep me alive…even after my death!

I am not a born terrorist!!

I am not a born terrorist!!


I was walking down the court corridor. My head was drooping down, eyes riveted on my treads. I was discomfited and shattered by the injustice of so called jurisdiction. Now I am able to fathom the fact that Laws are meant to be breached, bent, and altered if you have enough bucks to feed some political-giant’s bellies. I hate the word legal. I felt like everyone around stares at me, some sympathetically some sarcastically. I was being overwhelmed by anger and helplessness. One thought overshadowed in my mind,

“I am not going to give up! I have to redeem”  

I fought desperately for justice. But now where did I end up, I am much like a lost emperor who battled for his kingdom all by himself.  When you take stock of losses I am the gainer. I lost my family my kid, my wife. I just witnessed my happy world being thrashed and devastated by heartless animals. Yet I kept fighting.

On the way back home I was thinking about how brutally they killed my loved ones and how brutally I was cheated on in the court room. My eyes were running out of tears. For the past few months I have been crying, weeping and yelling for composing my turbulent mind and for some consoling and heartening words.

But I ended up with nothing; no one was there for me, those who had to be, left me behind. No, they didn’t leave me behind instead they were being pushed to death. I am trying to correct my thoughts.

In my whole life, knowingly or unknowingly I had not hurt anyone nor did my family, yet I am pushed into a predicament like this. Why god is being so callous to me. I kept asking myself, unanswered ‘me’ ensued.

After the whole trail, real culprits came out unscathed as those bastards belong to political family. I was rather a one-man army!


Later when I opened the door of my house, I was adamant what I was going to do next. I didn’t have a second thought of my plan. I conjured up this plan early before as the verdict from the court was kind of foreseeable one for me.

            Ironically, my home seemed a just building having cemented roofs and inanimate objects. It was lively and lovely months before. Memories started to rear its ugly head again. I was being haunted by the nothingness and darkness of the house. My thoughts wandered like crazy, after each passing minutes my helplessness snowballed into an inextinguishable fire of vengeance. I made my way to the bedroom and pulled out the wooden box kept under the cot. I opened it and fished out the objects one by one. Some of them were yet to be connected. I spent hours to study and connect those. By fluke, to use those weapons, my amateurish knowledge on them was more than enough.



When you have nothing to lose, you become ridiculously courageous! 

PS: to err is human to forgive is divine :)