Thought to quote!

“the joy of a book is in the pages you havent yet read… The glory of our life in the chapters to come.
Go,meet the person you become in the future.”
– Mahatria


I don’t know why

This is the tenth one of this month, I flunked it too… I cursed myself. It has been ten months since I passed out from a reputed professional college. Now I am an engineer without job. I am fed up. I tried hard but couldn’t get a decent job.  To make things worst all my batch mates were getting placed.

I stepped out the massive glass building of the company, where I just had my tenth interview of the month. I cursed the geeky guy who pissed me off with his unanswerable jargons.

It was so hot outside, I was sweating like anything. I pulled out my shirt which was tucked neatly inside my formal trousers. I was so disappointed. I walked to the bus bay. Quizzical facades of my parents, relatives, and friends milled around in my head.

“I can’t blame on them, it is my fault” I said to me. I was totally disheartened. Enough of all this, I can’t reach anywhere. Negative thoughts started to take their toll on me.

I just walked past a beggar, an old woman who was sitting in the pathway. She hankered some penny from me. But I was too unmindful to pay attention to her.

I just made a check to my abrupt walk, turned around and walked up to her. I have not yet figured out what made me to do so.

I could see her eyes, getting filled up by the same hope that she lost moments before, when I snubbed her. She stretched out her tanned skinny hands towards me. She was smiling, a painful smile! From her grief stricken face I could gauge how uneasy and disastrous her life was.

“I know Beta, you would definitely come back” Said she.

I smiled and gave her twenty rupees. She looked at my face gratefully and took it.

“So kind of you…” She trailed off and coughed. “God bless you” She added.

I smiled at her and made my way to the bus bay, surprisingly without any hopelessness or frustration!

I don’t know why!

Farewell day!


“To meet and depart is the way of life!

…to depart and meet is the Hope of life”


The quote is written on every corner of the college. It is a farewell day, last page of the most beautiful chapters of our life’s book. Ankit heart carries cocktail of emotions. The mere thought of leaving all the friends behind and being confined inside a stupid workplace-cubicle makes him sick and distraught.

He adjusts his tuxedo looking at the washroom mirror. He is kind of nervous.

“I got to do this, at least today” He said to mirrored Ankit.

He takes his phone, rereads the drafted message. His finger waves across the send button, he is still half minded. He closes his eyes. His façade carries I-made-up-my-mind sort of look. He taps the send button. Message is being sent! Delivered!


Sruthi is toying with the half emptied coke bottle. She is watching her friends who are swaying with the rhythm of some old western melody. But her mind traverses aimlessly.

This is the last day of my college life… I can’t go home leaving things half done. I should have done it before. How stupid I was!   She is thinking.

Her eyes brimmed with tears. Her mind flits back to the moments she had with Ankit.

Beeps of her phone brought her back to the present. It is a message from Ankit. Her heart skips a beat. She opens it with her shaky hand….

“Can I meet U up in 30 mints?

Pls come to Technical Library”


They silently stood for a while inside the dimly lit Library. They know they got to tell a lot, but something refrains.

“I am sorry; we could have got things patched up in between us. It was me who stood in the way, now I regret it”.  Ankit mouthed looking away from her. 

They couldn’t meet each other’s eyes.

“Please don’t be…”  Sruthi trails off, she is almost broken down. She composed herself.

“You are not the only to be blamed on Ankit, I deserve as well” Her voice is getting feeble.

“I am not sure we would ever go to meet again after this night” Ankit tries hard to beat the lump inside his throat so that he could squeeze out the words stuck there. He is fighting his tears.

“We had a break up Ankit; things wouldn’t have been like this, had we tried to get rid of our ego and complexes. What we had been through till then was like a lovely reverie. I am gonna cherish it forever”

Sruthi is turning out be kind of logical… She wished she couldn’t be.

“When you are getting to States?” Sruthi tries to switch the topic.

“Probably next month”

She hugs him tightly, keeps mum. She turns around and strolls away… Not that she has done with what she wanted to say but she is so much exhausted by the flurry of emotions she has been handling.

He hopes, she would stop and turn around.

She expects that he would call out from behind to stop her…  But neither happened!

They simply watch their love being slipped off…


  Incessant mass of “boiled soil”

   Barren field ahead of me…

   I find myself, deserted in a desert

   I lost my kingdom in a war

   I battled, I fought, but…

   They stabbed me from behind

   I am betrayed… Double crossed!!

   I was afraid to retreat

   I was afraid to quit…

   But they weren’t afraid to,

   …leave me alive, Morons!

   They slaughtered my people

   They ruined my kingdom

  But, they ridiculously spared my “HOPE”

  Beware, I will be back!