“There are stuffs in life that we forget and think it over later at some point, and we wonder, smile, sob or even scream! Reason is simple, we realize past has clamped it tightly, and present can’t do anything about it. Now I am sitting in this stinky room of a Motel. I don’t know where I am heading to. I am sure I am not a nomad or travel-freak. I am being myself; I am just being like me when I was with you. Yup, it may be a throwback or relapse, whatever you call it. I started searching you the moment I thought I am losing you; it was hard you know… Fucking hard. You walked way, like you don’t give a damn. I asked everyone I asked myself, how to push each day without you. Some laughed it off some scolded some sympathized. I won’t give up. I am coming to have you back… from past’s clamp.

You bored of these love-lost-cliché-words?

…even my pen is bored of it, it runs out of ink…”





Marrie closed the journal and put it back to her sling bag. She took a swig from the beer can.

“Not that stinky Reyhan” Marrie said setting her eyes on the creeping uphill roads ahead.

“This motel room is damn romantic; the breezes, rickety fan, flakey walls, worn out quilt that reeks of old books. Don’t you get it” She added.

Marrie snuggled to Reyhan’s chest inside the quilt.

“I love you Reyhan.I so happy that I got you back” she mumbled.

Reyhan kissed her and said “It is like a rebirth”