Not another you…

On the window pane-

Rain drops make doodles

I wave my fingers over it,

To write your name

So that you stay there,

For a scintilla of time

Air is moist, so are my eyes

Sky is cloudy, so is my façade

Love is hurtful, so are you

A showery evening, without you

I gaze at the pathway,

Looking forward for another rain!!

…Not another you!



  Incessant mass of “boiled soil”

   Barren field ahead of me…

   I find myself, deserted in a desert

   I lost my kingdom in a war

   I battled, I fought, but…

   They stabbed me from behind

   I am betrayed… Double crossed!!

   I was afraid to retreat

   I was afraid to quit…

   But they weren’t afraid to,

   …leave me alive, Morons!

   They slaughtered my people

   They ruined my kingdom

  But, they ridiculously spared my “HOPE”

  Beware, I will be back!


Every eye on me!

Some prays some claps

And some Fingers crossed!

Here I am, sweating and panicking

I felt taps on my shoulder

I blotted my forehead

I Looked at him, he is confident

I am nervous!


My foot moved… Slowly then faster

I can hear the buzz

I am galloping

My heart is pounding.

I am reaching… leaping

Finally I hurl it…

Silence for split seconds.

Bails, dancing in the air with ball

He is leaving with drooped head!

Hugs, high fives, smiles!

I look up at the sky

First wicket of mine!

My heart blares out…

Drew drops touch the drowsy leaves,

To wake them up…

My heart blares out…

I just want to touch you..!


Sun snuggles up to the cloudy sky,

To make it warm…

My heart blares out…

I just want to snuggle up to you..!


Butterfly kisses the lovely flower

To relish its honey…

My heart blares out…

I just want to kiss you..!


My heart duels with my mind

To hold you inside…

And it blares out…

I just wanna love you, and I do!



They laugh out loud…

Pinch of content in my heart

They applaud, loud then louder…

Tinge of pride in my smile

They enjoy being with me…

Speck of joy in my mind

Now, show ends and they are leaving

I am out of ring

I am out of my attire

I am the same person

I perceive…

Everything is there unchanged

All my worries and woes run back

I writhe in pain, nobody cares

I wish I could be that Clown foreva!

Color smeared face is better

It simply hides everything..!

I wish I could be that Clown foreva!


The curtain of death

I opened my eyes, hearing

Jingles of your Anklets

My lips make curve

As I sense your nearness…

Why you still behind that curtain,

Please come out, I yell

I am anxious,

To absorb you with my eyes

To devour you with my heart

Please come out, I yell

My moist eyes want to see you

…my dear, once again!

The curtain of death smiles at me


Concealing my sweetheart behind

Here I am left behind…

…Smearing hope over my hopelessness!